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Pick-up Trucks

Light duty pick-up trucks are used in many industries, including utility vehicles, work vehicles, or as an everyday means of transportation, and may feel under-powered when driving or fully loaded. PureFlow®AirDog®, a U.S. manufacturer, can help with many common engine issues in light duty trucks.

We offer a wide variety of systems for just about every diesel pickup truck on the market today. Applications for Ford, Dodge and GM range from 1989 through the current year and are available in both AirDog and Raptor configurations. All of the pickup systems include all the parts needed to complete the install with the exception of tools. Most all of the installs can be completed with common hand tools such as adjustable wrenches, ratchets and fuel line disconnect tool which can be found at your local auto parts store.

We also offer a variety of universal systems for tractors, generators or anything else with a diesel engine. Remember, no matter what it is or what is does, as long as it runs on diesel fuel it will benefit from running an AirDog product.

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